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Air Fresheners 5-pack

Air Fresheners 5-pack

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Bring the scent of survival into your space.

Escape the post-apocalyptic funk with Zombie Labs' latest olfactory innovation - the 5-Pack Zombie-themed Air Fresheners.

  • Apocalypse-Approved Aromas: Each pack includes five unique scents, carefully crafted to combat even the most persistent smells of the undead.
  • Zombie-Inspired Designs: Contains each of your favourites in the Zombie horde - Cross Eyed, Infected, Musclez, Molotov and Pumpz.
  • Long-Lasting: Engineered for durability, these air fresheners offer a prolonged scent lifespan, keeping your areas smelling great through any zombie siege.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for hanging in cars, lockers, bathrooms, and any other small spaces in need of a scent overhaul.
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