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INFECTED High Stim Pre-Workout

INFECTED High Stim Pre-Workout

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Super High Stim Nootropic Pre-Workout

  • Outstanding mind-muscle connection and focus
  • Gaming, need an energy hit or a big workout - this is your go to.
  • Advanced Nootropics for mental cognition
  • Tingle-free formula (No Beta Alanine)
  • Incredible Tasting
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“Focus, mood, motivation and determination - without the itchy tingles” 

Say goodbye to jitters and hello to heightened attention, lightning-fast reactions and unbeatable alertness. 

Infected is a precise blend of energy-boosting nutrients and 320 mg of caffeine designed to provide insane focus, cognition, and energy to help you crush your goals. 


The HYPER FOCUS NOOTROPIC blend found in a scoop of this guy will have that brain of yours dialled in & focused on your work or workout like never before, thanks to these ingredients... 

  • A MASSIVE 20g serve packed with 19 clinically dosed ingredients 
  • Includes an eye-popping energy blend with 320 mg of Caffeine, Synephrine, Hordenine & Theobromine 
  • Dial in your focus and extend your energy and motivation with our Nootropic Blend 
  • 1000 mg of Tyrosine and Taurine plus phenylalanine, coffee berry, L-theanine, Alpha GPC & huperzine will change the game 
  • Pumps have never felt more insane with our precise blend of Amentoflavone and 6000 mg of Citrulline Malate 
  • Infected spreads quickly through your veins thanks to our Enhance & Amplify blend
  • Dosed with nutrients and herbs that support nutrient absorption and energy performance



Mix 1 Scoop (10 g) in 625 ml of water or 2 Scoops (20 g) in 1250 ml of water.


How much caffeine is in INFECTED?

1 scoop 160 mg 2 scoops 320 mg. Do NOT exceed more than 2 scoops in a 24 hour period. Mix to instructions.

Can I dry scoop INFECTED?

We do not recommend dry scooping any product and INFECTED should be mixed with the appropriate amount of water for the serving size.

Does this formula make your skin tingle?

No! This does not contain Beta-Alanine that causes skin tingles - (if you are looking for a tingle formula check out CROSS-EYED)

When should I take INFECTED?

INFECTED is best used when you a needing boost of energy and focus. You can take it as a pre-workout, pre-gaming or before a long road trip, whenever you need dialled in focus and energy .

Where can I buy Zombie Labs INFECTED?

You’ll find stockists across Australia and New Zealand, you can find your nearest retailer here.

Can I stack INFECTED with other supplements?

Because this is a SUPER HIGH STIM supplement we don’t recommend stacking this with other supplements that contain stimulants such as caffeine, however, you may choose to add other supplements such as PUMPZ or creatine for the ultimate pre-workout stack

Is INFECTED vegan-friendly?

All our products are 100% vegan, free from any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.