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Give Me Energy - Molotov Thermogenic Twin Pack

Give Me Energy - Molotov Thermogenic Twin Pack

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Introducing the fiery duo: MOLOTOV is engineered to ignite your metabolism, enhance focus, and support an intense calorie deficit for fat loss, all while delivering unparalleled taste.

If you work long shifts this is the perfect coffee replacement. With 21 active ingredients, including a potent blend of Caffeine, Synephrine, and L-Theanine, it's Australia's STRONGEST thermogenic energy booster without the jitters or the crash.

How to Use:
For a fiery energy boost, mix 1 scoop of MOLOTOV (5 g) with 705 ml of water in the 'Give Me Energy' shaker. Shake well and consume to ignite your thermogenic engines and elevate your workout intensity. Begin your journey to cut, shred, and burn with the most epic pre-workout ritual.

For detailed product information, please visit Zombie Labs' MOLOTOV product page.

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